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Secure Kids Safety Awareness

A four week course teaching personal awareness and safety included in the martial arts program!

Call 913-701-9560 for more information.

Secure Kids Safety Awareness


"We love that there are daytime classes for homeschool families. My kids love going to class and working their way through the goals and levels.
I admire the martial arts style being taught and the philosophy behind it;
I learn something each time I watch and listen during my kid's classes.

Great location, affordable price,
I can't say enough good things about Shugosha!!"

Tresa McA. - Bonner Springs


Shugosha Dragons Program Overview

The Shugosha Dragons program offers a unique curriculum that teaches both personal safety awareness skills and martial arts for children of all ages. Teaching personal safety empowers children to act assertively and practice safe behaviors. Martial Arts teaches self-discipline and socializing skills and is a fun way for both boys and girls to achieve fitness and focus.

Each student first goes through the Secure Kids Safety Awareness program in the first four weeks. Then starting in week 5 there is a shift to a more traditional 45 minutes martial arts class format. Each class begins with a bow to the instructor, a warm up, and then students work on their punches, kicks and blocks along with practicing their self-defense skills. Each activity requires concentration and strict attention and questions are highly encouraged!

Shugosha teaches Shindo Jitsu which is a combination of Okinawan Kenpo, a system of self-development using kicks and punches, and Okinawan Ju Jitsu which is a form of self-defense that teaches students to use their opponent’s weight and strength against him. Working with a partner fosters cooperation and testing for each level, generally every 3 to 4 months, is a good exercise in setting and achieving goals.

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Secure Kids Program Overview

The instructors at Shugosha see a genuine need to offer a course designed specifically towards children’s personal protection and safety awareness. We realize that this information is vital and is not taught in any of the “traditional” settings that children are typically involved with.

In this four week program we teach reality based self-defense that can be learned in a short amount of time.

Students will learn:

  • Safety awareness and how not to be targeted
  • How to avoid the most common ways of abduction
  • How to defuse a situation if they are targeted
  • What to do if approached by a stranger
  • Common lures a stranger may try to use
  • What to do if a car approaches
  • How to escape the most common grabs
  • How to prepare to protect themselves for years to come


  • Outside rules for kids
  • How to designate a family code word
  • How to answer a phone when alone
  • What to do when someone knocks at the door

The Shugosha Dragons “Secure Kids” program teaches real life skills that can be used for years to come.

Secure Kids
Secure Kids

"Shugosha taught a 4-week Defense/Safety Awareness class for our academy. The curriculum was meaningful and fun for grades K through 7th/8th and our students loved every minute of it. They practiced what was taught even on recess, were excited to do their homework of telling their parents what they learned and included them on the lessons.

The class made a huge impact, and students easily remembered what they covered one week to the next. The instruction gave the kids permission to yell when threatened and say "No" to an adult they do not recognize as safe. They KNOW to never get in that strange car, and have tools to use to do their very best to defend themselves and get away.

I would recommend exposure to these lessons for every child!"

Molly Fisher - Director of Home School Christian Academy
Overland Park

What is Shindo Jitsu?

Shindo Jitsu is a martial art curriculum utilizing the arts of Okinawan Kenpo and Okinawan Ju Jitsu.
Kata is utilized to teach balance and movement.



The Kenpo part tends to be "technique" based...rather than "kata" based like Japanese Karate. It has kata but is not emphasized as much. Kenpo is generally a hand technique system with few kicks, and when they do kick, it’s usually below the belt…70% hands 30% feet.

It’s quick... efficient and to the point.


Ju Jitsu

The Ju Jitsu system adds defensive techniques, which use an attacker's momentum against them utilizing locks, strikes and throws adapted for modern day contexts. Ju Jitsu works on the principle of redirecting an attacker's force and momentum against them, using the minimum necessary effort to produce the maximum effect.

This means you don't have to be particularly big or strong to do well.



The Japanese word “kata” means formal exercise and is performed in Japan outside of martial arts. Through kata we learn proper stance, focus, and transition between techniques.

Training Kata teaches us to strive for excellence, something that we can apply in almost every aspect of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. For example:

  • What if my child’s not athletic? Can he train in Martial Arts? In Martial Arts training you go at your own pace, many kids who may not enjoy team sports thrive in the Martial Arts environment! The beauty is that they’re only competing with themselves!
  • Will my child get injured? The truth is, more children get injured playing soccer or baseball than Martial Arts. The floor is a high quality mat designed for Martial Arts training and the gear we work with is padded. We do everything possible to ensure a fun, safe, training session. We take your child’s safety VERY seriously!
  • Is Martial Arts training for boys and girls? Girls enjoy Martial Arts every bit as much as the boys do. In fact many times over girls show they can be every bit as tough if not tougher than the boys! The class ratio is just about even between boys and girls.
  • Will Martial Arts make my child violent? No, in fact one of the first things kids learn is respect for parents, for their instructor and for each other. They learn that what they do in class is for defense only and is a tool for their own personal growth; bullies of any kind are not tolerated!
  • Will my child want to continue with Martial Arts training? We have a wonderful way of balancing training while having fun, this plus the act of setting goals and achieving them builds genuine confidence. This is why so many kids stick with our program for years.
  • What age is appropriate for Martial Arts training? We start kids as early as 4 years old to teenagers. We also have programs for adults, see Shugosha.com. The truth is any age is appropriate; there is something to be gained for all ages!

"My daughter was shy when she started training in martial arts. She now holds a 4.0 GPA is involved in many school activities and is very outgoing. I believe her martial arts training has contributed to her success in school and life. She has been taught discipline and respect through her training to become a strong young lady and as a mother there is no greater feeling than knowing your child can defend herself in any situation. I couldn’t imagine our lives without Shugosha. We love our dojo!"

Rena H. – Olathe

"We initially started our son in karate classes to provide safety awareness. We just celebrated his 18th birthday - having successfully navigated the teen years while avoiding the traps that snare so many of his peers. Perhaps the most important aspect at Shogusha is to be steeped in an environment where seeking excellence is the norm, proper conduct and respect part of the culture, and self-discipline cultivated. I believe that the experience at Shogusha has directly contributed to my son’s character development and sense of personal integrity."

Jeff B. - Louisburg

"We were hoping to find something more than the 'sport' style Martial Arts for our kids. At Shugosha, we found a real-life self-defense program that is teaching our boys effective skills they will use for a lifetime. The instructors teach with kindness and respect, balancing challenge, encouragement and fun, so that each child can take pride in their growth as a martial artist. We absolutely love it!"

Janet Z. - Mission

Parent Resources

2023 Semester Class Times

Day classes

  • Beginners - Mondays & Thursdays 1:00pm to 1:45pm
  • Advanced - Mondays & Thursdays 1:45pm - 3:00pm

Evening classes

  • Beginners - Mondays & Thursdays 6:00pm to 6:45pm
  • Advanced - Mondays & Thursdays 6:00pm to 7:15pm

Registration and Payments

  • Register for Summer semester on Monday, May 22nd or Thursday, May 18th
  • Day classes: Monday registration - 1:30pm to 2:00pm, semester overview - 2:00pm to 2:45pm
  • Evening classes: Monday registration - 6:30pm to 7:00pm, semester overview - 7:00pm to 7:45pm
  • Day classes: Thursday registration - 1:30pm to 2:00pm, semester overview - 2:00pm to 2:45pm
  • Evening classes: Thursday registration - 6:30pm to 7:00pm, semester overview - 7:00pm to 7:45pm
  • Normal semester class times listed above resume after registration and first class

At the beginning of each semester you must complete a registration/waiver form and pay a one-time registration fee. Payments for individual classes may be made weekly or may be paid in advance.

  • Checks: make checks payable to "Shugosha" and put your child’s name on the memo line. Checks must have your address preprinted on them; also include your phone number and driver’s license number. Returned checks will be assessed a fee to include collection costs.
  • Cash: payments are accepted at the check-in table when you sign your student in for the week’s class.

All fees for the semester must be 100% paid in order for students to participate in the belt test.


Refunds for prepaid students are permitted in the first three weeks of the semester only. After the third week no refunds will be given due to fixed insurance costs. Any registration fees or payment for classes already taken will not be refunded. In addition, no refunds will be given for uniforms that have been worn or used. Submit any requests for refund in writing to the Shugosha office; the refund process may take up to 8 weeks.

News & Events

Here's what's happening at Shugosha Dragons!

  • Register for Summer semester on Monday, May 22nd or Thursday, May 18th   
  • Class/Awards for the Spring semester will be on Monday, May 15th and Thursday, May 11th. 
  • Shugosha will be holding classes for Home School Network. Located at 14841 S Black Bob, Olathe, KS 66062. 
  • Shugosha will be holding classes at L.E.A.R.N. in Olathe. 
  • Testing for the Summer semester will be during class on Monday, July 31st and Thursday, August 3rd. Good luck to all test candidates! 
  • Class/Awards for the Summer semester will be on Monday, August 7th and Thursday, August 10th. 
  • Black Belt test will be held Saturday May 27th.
  • Shihan Albillar and Renshi Albillar will be two of the instructors at the annual Shuri-Te Martial Arts International Conference, in Fort Mill, SC scheduled for May 4th thru 7th, 2023.


John Albillar

John Albillar

John Albillar

  • 6th Dan Karate Jujitsu
    Shuri-Te Bujutsu-Kai
  • 6th Dan Jujitsu
    Shuri-Te Bujutsu-Kai
Sharon Albillar

Sharon Albillar

Sharon Albillar

  • 3rd Dan Shindo Jitsu
  • 4th Dan Karate Jujitsu
  • 4th Dan Okinawan Jujitsu
Nichole Harman

Nichole Harman

Nichole Harman

  • 2nd Dan Shindo Jitsu
  • 2nd Dan Karate Jujitsu
  • 2nd Dan Okinawan Jujitsu

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